What is the most interesting and exciting job in the world?

I worked for a year at Larson & Toubro.

I worked for 25 years as an IRS officer.

I worked for couple of months as an Adjunct Professor in a prestigious institute.

I am the Founding Director of the start up ‘Awdhesh Academy’.

I am an online educator on Unacademy.

All these jobs had been extremely exciting when I joined them.

However, all these jobs become less interesting and exciting after sometime.

Yet there is one job which has remained interesting for me.

And that job is ‘WRITING’.

I have written over 500 articles, 5 books and over 5000 answers on Quora.

Yet ‘writing’ for me continues to be as exciting and interesting as it was 15 years ago when I wrote my first article.

I am still so excited before I write an answer on Quora or a chapter in a book.

My joy of writing can only be matched by my joy of reading.

Whenever I read a good book, I feel blessed.

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